Mind Group Australia

Mind Group Australia

The Mind Group Story


Mind Group is a group of experienced business psychologists and organisational development professionals, each with a minimum of 15 years experience in assessing and developing leaders and organisations - from not-for-profits, SMEs, government clients through to ASX top 100 clients and multinationals. We worked for respected Global consulting firms but saw that things could be done better for Australian clients and so in 2014 we created the Mind Group.


We saw that current practices were often over-complicated and in many instances ineffective - we saw a better way. Over the pastr 5 years that has proven to be right, having grown consistently, year on year simply through repeat work and referrals.


Why 'Mind Group'?


Any change in people, whether consciously or unconsciously, involves the mind. We use evidence-based practice to create real change in people's minds and in behaviour. We keep things simple, this is how the 'mind' works best.

Our Difference


At the Mind Group we are all experienced accredited professionals in our field. We listen, we get to the point and we deliver on what was agreed. 


Consistently our clients and their stakeholders say we're good to work with.


The Mind Group is owned by the psychologists that work directly with our clients. We have no shareholders, private equity ownership, overseas head offices or hidden stakeholders.  This allows us to offer a premium service whilst being competitive on price. 




What do we Value?


EXPERTISE – Our clients demand it 

TIME – Yours and ours 

PEOPLE – Our clients, our colleagues, our families 




What do we do?


We assess executives and senior leaders for development or selection purposes.

We develop leaders, teams and organisations.  


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