Our Approach


Leadership development doesn't need to be complicated; simplicity, impact and applicability is key. At the Mind Group, we work with the way the 'mind' works to deliver positive outcomes from each program.


Where possible we integrate the program into other organisational initiatives and set it up to deliver clear return on investment beyond the learning experience. 


All programs are 1-day working sessions, each is based around delivering on real organisational and individual needs. Shorter configurations or modular programs are also available for clients with very focused requirements.



Our Programs


All of our programs are practical, participants work on real business and leadership challenges. The programs are behavioural and derived from psychological research coupled with over 15 years Australian and international business experience across industries. Each is designed to build skills which will deliver value well into the future:


The Psychology of Influence - 12 tactics are explored and approaches developed to lift influence success with target stakeholders.


Change Leadership - Strategy and skills to deliver on current change requirements are developed in a collegiate and fast-paced session. 


Advanced Coaching - Deeper understanding and finer skill development of coaching to engage and positively influence both underperformers and exceptional talent.


Strategy Development - Working session to develop current business strategy in a structured, efficient and engaging manner.


Presentation and Impact - Communication techniques to connect, convince and inform with authority and professionalism.


Innovation - Facilitated methodologies to lift lateral, visionary and critical thinking. The session allows participants to stretch their brains into unfamiliar territory. "To achieve outcomes you've never had before, you need to do things you've never done before..."


Performance Leadership - Traditional performance management is failing. Performance Leadership is different. It takes a human approach to focusing, motivating and developing people to lift performance and engagement.


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Leadership Development