Executive Coaching



Executive Coaching - Our Approach


We understand that executive leadership is intrinsically challenging. A pressure-cooker of conflicting priorities, rapidly changing business landscapes, stakeholder expectations, high consequences of failure and politics. To make matters worse, having to operate through others can make it harder to get things done and all under the watchful eye of pretty much everyone (who will subsequently remember, analyse and mimick your every mistake.)


When development and support is most needed, many executives wait until it's too late, under the false impression that they will be given time to 'find their feet' only to find that the vultures are already circling. It can be a lonely and difficult time as executives have few, if any, they can honestly turn to when they need help.


Our approach is to help these individuals focus on the few things that will deliver the best outcomes for them and the organisation they lead.


True executive coaching is a wholly active process for the executive involved. We ensure they are focused, supported, guided but also challenged to change.


In order to do this we must have trust and connection with the executive. Each meet and greet is free and without obligation. Once the executve's comfort to proceed is confirmed, our role as a Mind Group coach is to focus the executive on agreed objectives and build their confidence and ability to change.  





Our Coaches


We have coaches in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane with the option of remote coaching for all other locations including overseas.  


At Mind Group all our Executive coach es are:


  • Accreditted – either registered business psychologists or accredited coaching professionals in understanding and changing behaviour 

  • Experienced – all having coached at the  most senior levels for over 10 years

  • Seasoned – having run P&Ls, led teams and had our own fair share of success and failure

  • Knowledgeable – having in depth understanding of the requirements for success across all major leadership competencies

  • Confident - prepared to constructively challenge views and approaches which are contrary to agreed goals

  • Listeners – the executive’s brain that should be busy throughout each session


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Coaching Options


We recognise that schedules can be challenging and the nature of each coaching engagement is different. As such, we try to offer flexible options to suit the executive and their organisation to deliver a positive outcome whilst navigating organisational practicalities. 


  • Each coaching session is either 1 or 1.5 hours or can be set up as a mixture of the two.

  • Engagements run for blocks of 4 or 7 sessions (including the meet and greet) which can be extended on request.

  • Meetings are typically face to face, however telephone and Skype based coaching is available.


Optional additional elements which may support a coaching engagement include:


  • Assessment or leadership personality profiling

  • Manager, Board or stakeholder interviews

  • Peer coaching set-up and support

  • In-house advanced coaching programs 


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