Culture & Organisational Development Services


Culture Change


"We filled out the survey - nothing happened..."


We develop approaches to change your culture, we don't just measure it.


Our focus is not on convincing you to use our culture survey tool. We find real reward and deliver value in helping organisations develop and change their culture in line with their strategic ambitions.


Whether working on major transformation projects for ASX top 100 companies or solving specific challenges for SMEs, the answer to positive change is typically simple and straightforward. We have deep experience and a track record of success in engaging executive teams and organisations to drive desired cultural change.




Organisational Development Consulting


People challenges emerge when your organisation is going through significant growth, mergers and acquisitions, divestment, change of leadership, strategy, ownership or direction. In each case, many organisations re-invent the wheel or over-complicate matters. Talk to a Mind Group professional will take a few minutes and may save you significant time and cost.


                        to talk to a Mind Group professional about your organisation's presenting challenge and we are confident we can provide valuable insight and support to help you make positive headway.