What work have we done?


We have assessed over a thousand Executives and Senior Leaders in Australia. We know what 'normal', not normal and exceptional looks like and how to help leaders be better leaders.


We have run development programs for over three thousand Australian Leaders. 


We have led some of Australia's largest strategic and cultural transformations. 



Our Clients


Who for?


Our Psychologists have completed successful assessment, strategy, development and change projects for some of Australia's largest and best known organisations including over a quarter of the ASX top 100. We have over 15 years experience working with government bodies and have positively changing the fortunes of many SMEs.


The majority of our work is repeat business and through positive referral.


The sensitive nature of our work (individual and market sensitivity) means we respect our clients' right not to be used for our own marketing purposes. Client references for specific projects are available on request. 




Why do they work with us?


Our clients work with us because we know what we're doing. We've been around long enough and have all worked on the 'client side' and so recognise you want someone who listens, gets to the point, engages your stakeholders and delivers on what was agreed.


People who 'bring us in' to an organisation rightfully take the credit for the outcomes we deliver, we work to make them look good.


Moreover, we only work on projects where we see that we can add insight or can directly facilitate a successful outcome. If we can provide some simple tips that will enable you to 'do it yourself' we feel this is a small price to pay for goodwill.